Gregory Hartland Named Deputy Editor of Journal of Physical Chemistry C


Gregory Hartland, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, has been named Deputy Editor for the Journal of Physical Chemistry C of the American Chemical Society. The journal focuses on experimental and computational physical chemistry research in energy conversion and storage, heterogeneous catalysis, and the spectroscopy and physical properties of solid-state and nanomaterials.

Hartland’s expertise aligns directly with the journal, as his research group uses optics to characterize the properties of nanomaterials and how these materials interact with their environments. A major focus of this research is developing new techniques for time-resolved and steady-state spectroscopic studies on single particles.

Professor Hartland is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and he was the 2018 Priestley Lecturer at Pennsylvania State University.

Originally published by Rebecca Hicks at on June 09, 2020.