Community Outreach in Energy


ND Energy reaches out to the local community and surrounding areas in an attempt to raise awareness and educate participants on the most critical energy issues and topics facing our nation and global economy today. Outreach programs take on many different forms and are tailored specifically to the audience. No matter the age, ND Energy believes that children and adults alike are confronted daily with decisions that will have a major impact on our global energy future. This is why community outreach is a priority for ND Energy. 

Every year in February, ND Energy recruits Notre Dame research groups to provide demonstrations to primary school students during one of the largest community-wide events in downtown South Bend, known as Science Alive! This event spans every floor throughout the St. Joseph County Public Library and draws over 4,000 school-age children and their families. ND Energy faculty and associated researchers provide hands-on demonstrations that teach the kids how energy is everywhere in their lives.

ND Energy also hosts a research internship for high school students from Mishawaka High School. Now in its fourth year, ND Energy has engaged more than two dozen students throughout the school year in energy-related activities by exposing them to research in the laboratories and broadening their knowledge and understanding of energy.

ND Energy doesn’t stop there. It is important to also reach beyond the student and provide educational opportunities and resources to middle and high school teachers. This summer marks the fifth year in which ND Energy will host a summer RET (Research Experiences for Teachers: Engineering a More Sustainable Energy Future) program, allowing up to fifteen local teachers the opportunity to conduct research in Notre Dame laboratories with ND Energy faculty and to create new curriculum that they will take back to their classrooms.

For more information, contact Barbara Villarosa, ND Energy Program Manager.