ACS Publications is Growing Globally

Acs Publications Is Growing Globally

We might call ourselves the American Chemical Society—but ACS publications are hardly limited to research from the United States. ACS journals have long been growing globally in scope. In the past 5 years, ACS journals published 48,000 papers from Brazil, India, China, and South Korea. There are 44 editors-in-chief/associate editors and 207 editorial advisory board members from these countries. As our readership continues to grow and diversify, we’re highlighting countries that are emerging as leading producers of research:

Through the Growing Globally campaign, we’re sharing tips and tricks for researchers working in these countries to help them meet the challenges of publishing in their unique environments.

There are four ways you can get involved:

  1. Read white papers – These brief, info-packed articles will explain trends affecting researchers in China, India, Korea, and Brazil. They will also give authors advice they can put to work immediately as they conduct research and prepare manuscripts.
  2. Watch webinars – Top researchers from each country will lead these interactive, video-based discussions. Participants can ask questions during the live session or watch a recording on their own time.
  3. View research highlights – Across the world, scientists are producing top-quality work in nanomaterials chemistry, sustainable energy, physical chemistry, and more. We’re featuring papers from several fast-growing research hotspots.
  4. Submit your work – Want to see your own work published in an ACS journal? We want to hear from you. Read our advice for getting your papers accepted, and help us increase our reach. Are you a Chinese researcher? It’s now even easier for authors in China to publish with ACS. Introducing the new Chinese Author Portal: A webpage in Simplified Chinese containing centralized links and resources to get started publishing in an ACS publication.

Learn more about how ACS is growing globally.

ND Energy’s affiliated Faculty member, Dr. Prashant Kamat is the ACS Energy Letters Editor-in-Chief.

This article was originally published on April 14, 2016, in ACS Axial, and written by Stephanie Monasky.

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