The Future of Mobility...Tough Choices Ahead

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Moderated by Jonathan George, Mendoza MBA student and president of Net Impact, the following panelists will provide a brief overview of their current initiatives related to energy efficient transportation management, services, design, production, and use, as well as the impact these initiatives have on economic growth and the future of mobility. Although a virtual event, audience participation will be encouraged, allowing direct questions to the panelists and open dialogue about the opportunities, risks, and challenges facing the transportation industry today and well into the future.


Michael Noland (‘82) is the president and general manager of South Shore Line, Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District.
Matt Peak is managing director of Energy Systems Network.
Chris Tindal is the Assistant Director of Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiatives (CAAFI).

Registration for this event must be made no later than 10:00 a.m. on August 27. Students may also register for a 30-minute breakout session with Michael Noland or Chris Tindal after the event.

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