It Can’t Be Done…Or Can It?

Crossroads Solar

Patrick Regan, former professor of political science and peace studies and associate director of ND-GAIN, the Global Adaptation Initiative at Notre Dame, left the University a year ago to begin “practicing what he had preached.” Regan is the founder and CEO of Crossroads Solar, a “startup solar panel company whose core mission is to provide jobs and life training opportunities for recently released felons.” This summer, four Notre Dame undergraduate engineers, two of whom are Energy Studies minors, helped set up equipment that was shipped from China. In just three weeks, the project progressed from crates on a semi-truck to an operational factory. This virtual presentation and conversation with Regan and this amazing group of student workers will cover social and environmental justice, taking chances, and “getting the job done.”


Patrick Regan, founder and CEO of Crossroads Solar.
James Hegarty is a senior mechanical engineer from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.
Sylvia Kolda is a senior electrical engineer from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Kelly Moran is a senior mechanical engineer from Westport, Connecticut.
Erin Ludwig is a junior environmental engineer from Granger, Indiana.

Registration for this event must be made no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 26. Students may also register for a 30-minute breakout session with Patrick Regan or the students after the event.

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