Christiana Figueres: What Our New World Could Look Like

This event will be hosted by Natalie Issacs of 1 Million Women who is highlighted in chapter 8 of Climate Justice and is promoted here as a complementary event to the book review and discussion on Cimate Justice, sponsored by ND Energy.

Christiana Figueres

All are welcome to participate in this special conversation with Christiana Figueres, one of the world's most influential climate leaders and former UN Executive Secretary for Climate Change, who led the Paris Agreement.

Chatting from her home in Costa Rica, Christiana will share her heart and her wisdom with us all on how we shape a better world. Christiana will be in conversation with all of us over Zoom. There will be lots of time for questions too. 

"We have two choices for our future, which is still unwritten. It will be shaped by who we choose to be right now. So, how can we change the story of the world?" Christiana asks in her latest book, The Future We Choose

Christiana says we need to be stubbornly optimistic. That systemic change is deeply personal and that it needs everyone, everywhere, in all our different roles. 

Christiana will ignite our inner activism and inspire us all to emerge from our homes with a gritty determination and more empowered than ever. 

This is a free event. For more info and to register, go to this link.