(JOIN VIRTUALLY) "Careers in National Security: How to Get There From Where You Are" by Leesa Duckworth

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Leesa Duckworth, University Relationship Manager of the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will engage you with her own intriguing story of how and why she transitioned from a PhD in Psychology to her fulfilling career in national security. She will also explain the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) fellowship and how that provides an excellent paid on-ramp into national security careers of many kinds. Several of our own ND students already have benefited from this competitive gold-standard program!

At the end of this presentation, there will be time to speak on a more personal level with Leesa through the use of a breakout room. It will be like waiting in line to talk with the presenter after the seminar. More on this once you are inside the Zoom room.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student, please use the Handshake link below to register.

Postdoctoral scholars do not need to register.

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Sponsored by The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development