PD&GS Luncheon Seminar: Samuel Perry and Andrew Schranck

January 2019 Pdgs

Postdoctoral research associates and graduate students associated with ND Energy affiliated faculty are invited to the monthly PD&GS Luncheon Seminars. Seminars are presented by group members about their research to facilitate cross-disciplinary research collaborations and to provide a forum whereby postdocs and graduate students may gain a better understanding of the energy-related research programs at Notre Dame.

Seminars also provide an opportunity for participants to practice their talks before a major conference and to obtain feedback from their peers.

Scheduled presentations for January's seminar are:

  • "Intercalation of uranyl peroxide nanoclusters into pillared layered double hydroxides," by Samuel Perry (Burns lab)
  • "Investigation of Urine Electrolysis for Nitrogen Removal," by Andrew Schranck (Doudrick lab)