"Grid Energy Storage Technologies and the Future Electric Grid," by Dr. Babu Chalamala

Babu Chalamala


We are on the verge of a major transformation in the electricity infrastructure over the next ten to twenty years. This is driven by the need to modernize an aging electric grid and rapid integration of distributed generation on a large scale. As we transition towards a greater role for renewables and distributed generation in the electric grid, addressing intermittency and providing grid operators flexible assets to efficiently manage the grid is becoming critical. Large scale integration of energy storage is essential to manage the future grid, and we are beginning  to integrate energy storage into the grid infrastructure at a scale we have not considered until now. In this presentation, I will first present trends in grid modernization and discuss gaps in technology and implementation of energy storage in the grid infrastructure. This will be followed by review of current work at Sandia in grid modernization and energy storage highlighting current work in flow batteries, sodium batteries, zinc batteries, membranes, power electronics and power converters, energy storage safety, microgrids, grid modeling and integration.

I will also touch upon the summer internships, post-doctoral research, and regular employment opportunities at Sandia.


Dr. Babu Chalamala is Head of the Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department and Program Manager for Grid Energy Storage at Sandia National Laboratories. Prior to joining Sandia in 2015, he spent twenty years in the industry, most recently as a Corporate Fellow at MEMC Electronic Materials where he was responsible for R&D and product development in energy storage technologies. Before that, he was involved in two startup companies for seven years. He spent the early part of his research career at Motorola and Texas Instruments where he made contributions to electronic materials and display technologies. He has a B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University and a PhD in Physics from the University of North Texas. He is Fellow of the IEEE and currently serves as Secretary of IEEE PES Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee. He is also active in the Materials Research Society and served the society in several leadership roles.

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