"Sustainable Alternative Fuel Use in the Military and Commercial Aviation" by Chris Tindal

Advanced Biofuels Chris TindelChris Tindal

The U.S. Navy’s Great Green Fleet program led the way for alternative fuel use in the military.  Energy security, fuel source flexibility, and interoperability were the main drivers behind the initiative.  Commercial aviation is now taking on a role of implementing the use of sustainable alternative fuels within the industry.  This presentation will communicate the latest status on the acceptance and use of sustainable alternative fuels in the military and commercial aviation.  


Chris Tindal is the Assistant Director for the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) whose goal is to promote the development and commercialization of alternative jet fuel options that offer equivalent levels of safety and compare favorably on cost with petroleum based jet fuel, while also offering environmental improvement and security of energy supply for aviation.  He helps to manage the coalition of CAAFI stakeholders and provide leadership and strategic guidance to CAAFI's Work Teams, Federal government interagency initiatives, State and Regional programs, and International initiatives consistent with CAAFI priorities. Chris recently retired as the Director for Operational Energy underneath the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Navy for Energy, where he was in charge of setting energy policy and direction for the Department of the Navy and promoting the adoption of alternative fuels and renewable energy resources. He was the Navy leader of the pioneering U.S. Department of Agriculture/ U.S. Department of Energy/ U.S. Navy Alternative Fuels Initiative which developed programs to launch the advanced biofuels industry.


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