Evolving Notre Dame’s Energy Infrastructure: A Diversified Approach to Sustainability

Hydro Power

The University of Notre Dame recently announced it will be coal-free by 2020 and will cut its carbon footprint by half by 2030. As the coal pile begins to dwindle, how will the University meet its growing energy needs? Join ND Energy on Wednesday, October 5, at 4 p.m. in the Geddes Hall Auditorium to learn about Notre Dame’s new initiatives on campus, including the geothermal fields, hydro power, and solar panels. Paul Kempf, senior director of utilities and maintenance, will detail the plans currently in place, as well as those that are still on the drawing board.

Paul Kempf was appointed director of utilities at Notre Dame in 1998 and became senior director in 2011. His father worked in the same power plant before him. In fact, his parents lived in Notre Dame’s post World War II “Vetville” when Paul was born. Paul graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Electrical Engineering and spent nine years as manager of engineering and design with Koontz Wagner Electric Company before returning to Notre Dame to work as chief electrical engineer in 1989.

This talk is free and open to the general public.

In addition to Kempf’s presentation, ND Energy will be sponsoring tours of the Notre Dame Power Plant, the solar panels on top of Stinson-Remick Hall, and the Green Roof on top of the Morris Inn. These tours are open to individuals with current Notre Dame IDs.  Click HERE to view the Energy Week Calendar of Events.

Please view the poster for more information.