Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Please join ND Energy’s Research Experience for Teachers at Notre Dame and two of ND Energy’s Slatt Fellows on Friday, August 1st, 2014, as they highlight their summer research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.  RET teachers and Slatt Scholar, Sean Dwyer, will present their research during the poster session from 12-2pm in the Jordan Galleria. Their topics are:

  • Molecular Models of Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture (Sean Dwyer)
  • On Demand’ Production of Hydrogen
  • Polymer Nanofiber Fabrication
  • Energy-Efficient Power Conversion
  • Methane to Methanol Conversion
  • Efficient Gas Separation
  • Water Filtration and Purification
  • Biomass Pyrolysis
  • Ionic Liquids
  • Nickel (II) Synthesis
  • Optically Trapping Nanoparticles
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture
  • Solar Cell Efficiency
  • Germanium Semiconductors
  • Organometallic Catalysts

Slatt Scholar, Francis Rogg, will give an oral presentation on “Providing Better Tools for Responsible Design” in the Jordan Hall of Science, Room 105, between 2-4 pm.

For more information about the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium, contact Dr. Dominic Chaloner at 574-631-2441 or