Junior Parents Weekend 2014 - Energy Open House & Lab Tours

Junior undergraduate students and their parents are invited to attand an ENERGY Open House and Lab Tours on Saturday, February 15, 2014 between 10:45am and 12:00pm.  Hosted by (cSEND), lab tours will include the:

  • Materials Characterization Facilities (cSEND)
    • Specializing in scientific advancements and improved sustainable energy technologies with capabilities in cleaner fossil, safer nuclear, and transformative solar
  • Ionic Liquids Laboratory (Joan Brennecke)
    • Specializing in a wide range of energy applications, such as CO2 capture and liquid-based refrigerants
  • EFRC: Materials Science of Actinides (Peter Burns)
    • Specializing in  highly complex actinide materials, such as materials for fuels, waste forms, or separations, with an emphasis on the nanoscale

For more information, please view the attached invitation and program overview.pdf.