Webinar: Physics and Technology of Advanced Solar Cells


Professor Vikram Dalal
EDS Distinguished Lecturer and IEEE Fellow
Iowa State University

Abstract:  The Shockley-Queisser (SQ) limit establishes an upper 
bound to the conversion efficiency of a single junction solar cell. 
In this talk, the various approaches to overcome the SQ limit will 
be discussed. Multiple junction solar cells, multi-exciton solar 
cells, intermediate gap solar cells, and photon up and 
down conversion to increase efficiency beyond the SQ limit will 
also be addressed. Multi-junction approaches have succeeded in 
producing highly efficient III-V solar cells.

In addition, Prof. Dalal will discuss thin film solar cells. These 
cells, which use polycrystalline, amorphous or organic materials 
with inferior electronic properties, are now beginning to be widely 
used for both large scale utility power and for building-integrated 
and isolated products. Prof. Dalal will address the special physical 
considerations needed to make efficient solar cells out of these 
materials, including new schemes for enhancing optical absorption 
and discuss the status of various technologies.

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Sponsored by the Department of Electrical Engineering and cSEND.