Samuel Paolucci

Emeritus Professor
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

117L Cushing Hall of Engineering

Current Position

Emeritus Professor, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


Ph.D., Cornell University

Research Interests

Prof. Paolucci is currently conducting research in the areas of energy losses in buildings and combustion.

Relevant Energy Publications
  1. Salakij, Saran; Yu, Na; Paolucci, Samuel; et al.; “Model-Based Predictive Control for building energy management. I: Energy modeling and optimal control”, Energy and Buildings, Vol: 133, Pages: 345-358, Published: DEC 1, 2016.
  2. Valorani, Mauro; Paolucci, Samuel; Martelli, Emanuele; et al.; “Dynamical system analysis of ignition phenomena using the Tangential Stretching Rate concept”, Combustion and Flame, Vol: 162, Issue: 8, Pages: 2963-2990, Published: AUG 2015.
  3. Powers, Joseph M.; Paolucci, Samuel; Mengers, Joshua D.; et al.; “Slow attractive canonical invariant manifolds for reactive systems”, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, Vol: 53, Issue: 2, Pages: 737-766, Published: FEB 2015.

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