Karl Cronberger

Electron Microprobe Technician


147 Stepan Chemistry Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
574-631-0079 phone
(248) 797-7085 mobile

Karl Cronberger is a recent Ph.D. graduate from the University of Notre Dame. Currently, he operates and maintains the two Electron Microprobes (EMP) in the Materials Characterization Facility at ND Energy. The EMP is a specialized electron microscope used for chemical analysis with a resolution of up to 1 micron. They commonly used to characterize a variety of materials in various fields of studies such as the geology of the Earth, Moon, and meteorites; nuclear forensics, and fuel systems; industrial applications in metallurgy, and battery production; and some biological and environmental applications as well. Karl’s Ph.D. work at the University of Notre Dame revolved around Lunar Petrology and the origin of the Moon.

The electron microprobe is available for external use.  For more information, contact Ian Lightcap at ilightca@nd.edu.