Sustainable Energy Network

Member Department/Organization


Center for Social Concerns

Bill Purcell

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Susan Vissage

Chemistry Department

Brian Baker, Mary Prorok

College of Arts & Letters

Josh Weinhold, Mark Schurr

College of Engineering

Gary Gilot

College of Science

Bill O’Hayer

College of Science Committee on Sustainability

Anthony Serianni

College of Science – Physics

Thomas Loughran

de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture Laura Gonsiorek

Energy Engineering Minor

Joseph Powers

Energy Studies Minor

Peter Burns, Anne Pillai

Environmental Change Initiative Kara Primmer

Facilities Design and Operations – Utilities

Paul Kempf

Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement

Kati Schuler

GreeND Student Organization

Kristina Bonnet, Greg Campion, Jonathan Roberts, Katie Lane, Grace Castle, Ashley Finster


Gary Lamberti

Institute for Advanced Study

Donald Stelluto, Carolyn Sherman

Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FlowPAC)

Thomas Corke

Kellogg Institute

Therese Hanlon, Holly Rivers

Kroc Institute

Anna VanOverberghe

Mendoza Energy & Resources Club
Representative TBA

Mendoza College of Business

Sam Miller

Minor in Sustainability

Alex Hajek, Rachel Novick

ND Research

Joanne Fahey

ND Nano

Heidi Deethardt, Derek Lake


Robert Dunn

Office of Sustainability

Caitlin Hodges

Pulte Institute for Global Development Jennifer Krauser, Tom Purekal

Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values

Anna Geltzer

Radiation Laboratory

Ian Carmichael, Laura Mortlock-McMinn

School of Architecture

Dennis Doordan, Barbara Panzica

Student Energy Board, ND Energy

Representative TBA

Student Government

Elizabeth Boyle, Patrick McGuire, Juliette Kelley, MacKenzie Isaac, and Beth Steiner

Resiliency and Sustainability of Engineering Systems Minor

Kevin Walsh, Consuelo AntonioGuerra