Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Smart Distribution and Storage



Energy is of little value without distribution in modern society. Diversification of energy supplies to include significant renewable components requires major storage capabilities, as renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are intermittently available. Advanced approaches to manage power flow through an electric grid are an essential part of future management that allow for more distributed energy inputs.

ND Energy is developing smart micro-grid technology and energy storage including the design of scalable network communication protocols and grid-tied storage applications in ultra-low power circuits.

Subcategories: Hydrogen Storage, Smart Grid Technology, Storage of Energy

Faculty Involved: Panos Antsaklis, Ani Aprahamian, Peter Bauer, Joan Brennecke, Paul Brenner, Suman Datta, Patrick Fay, Ruilan Guo, Vijay Gupta, Yih-Fang Huang, Vlad Iluc, Prashant Kamat, Jeff Kantor, Masaru Kuno, Jay LaVerne, Michael Lemmon, Tengfei Luo, Edward Maginn, Paul McGinn, Abigail Mechtenberg, Alexander Mukasyan, Svetlana NeretinaSamuel Paolucci, John Parkhill, Joseph Powers, Sylwia Ptasinska, Hirotaka Sakaue, Ken Sauer, Jennifer Schaefer, Eduardo Wolf