Poster Session

Abstract Submission - Deadline 4/2

Topics on sustainable energy is the focus of the inaugural ND Energy Research Symposium as we celebrate recent faculty Early Career and Large-center Grant awardees and associated researchers for their contributions to energy research at Notre Dame. Associated researchers (graduate students and postdoctoral scholars) are invited to submit an abstract (500 words or less) before April 2 to present their energy-related research projects during the Poster Session, which is scheduled from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Lower Level Dining Room of McKenna Hall. At the conclusion of the symposium, awards will be presented to the top three presenters based on the following criteria:  


  • Research purpose is clearly stated.
  • Rationale/justification for the study is well explained. 
  • Methods used are clearly described and appropriate to address the research question/aim. 
  • Figures/tables used to present data are clear and appropriate.
  • Analysis is well explained and appropriately applied.
  • Presenter adequately addresses research problem/question.
  • Conclusion is sufficiently supported by the results.
  • Presenter summarized study clearly and answered questions well.

Poster: (size: 48”W x 36”H)

  • Organization of information is aesthetically effective.
  • Flow of information is logical and facilitates understanding.


Current Roster
# Researcher Project Title Advisor Department
1 Tyler Spano Investigation of Uranium Dioxide Fuel Pellets for Nuclear Forensic Applications  Antonio Simonetti  CEEES
2 Yunsong Pang Functionalized Graphene Enables Highly Efficient Solar Thermal Steam Generation  Tengfei Luo AME
3 Rebecca Scheidt  Modulation of Charge Recombination in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Films with Electrochemical Bias  Prashant Kamat Chemistry