Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Energy Conversion and Efficiency



Society makes use of energy by converting it to valuable products, such as home heating, light, manufacturing, and transportation. Unfortunately, more than half of the energy consumed by society is simply wasted due to lack of efficiency. Society’s energy demands can be significantly reduced by improved efficiency. Energy conversions include, for example, thermal-to-electrical or chemical bond energy to energy related molecules. ND Energy is focused on ways to convert energy resources to available electrical energy.

Energy efficiency is improved by reducing the amount of energy consumed while achieving the same level of energy service. Energy is wasted by imperfections in equipment and materials to deliver power, and in many cases because of old technologies. ND Energy is focused on thermal management of energy, energy efficient wastewater treatment, and energy efficient separations.


Subcategories:  Building Energy, Catalysis, Conversion of Energy, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Solar to Fuels/Chemicals

Faculty Involved:  Panos Antsaklis, Ani Aprahamian, Brandon Ashfeld, Peter Bauer, Melissa Berke, Paul Brenner, Seth Brown, Aimee Buccellato, Jon Camden, Thomas Degnan, Kyle Doudrick, Patrick Fay, Jeremy Fein, Dan Gezelter, David Go, Ruilan Guo, Vijay Gupta, Jason Hicks, Bruce Huber, Vlad Iluc, Boldizsar Janko, Prashant Kamat, Masaru Kuno, Tengfei Luo, Edward Maginn, Paul McGinn, Abigail Mechtenberg, Alexander Mukasyan, Robert Nerenberg, Svetlana Neretina, John Parkhill, William Phillip, Joseph Powers, Sylwia Ptasinska, Adrian Rocha, William Schneider, Mihir Sen, Mark Stadtherr, Alexandros Taflanidis, Ashley Thrall, Jonathan Whitmer, Olaf Wiest, Mark Wistey, Eduardo Wolf