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Professor Peter Bauer Offers Energy Efficient Expertise in Study Posted in WalletHub

October 21, 2016

Peter Bauer

ND Energy affiliated faculty member, Peter Bauer, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Notre Dame, was featured in a WalletHub study examining 2016’s most least and energy-efficient states.   

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Notre Dame researchers to lead new computing paradigm effort

October 20, 2016


The new effort is expected to uncover fundamentally new ways of harnessing coupled dynamical systems for solving computationally hard problems in an energy-efficient way.

Aprahamian to co-chair U.S. Electron Ion Collider Facility Study

October 18, 2016

Aprahamian 1

Ani Aprahamian, Freimann Professor of Physics, has been named co-chair of a committee with the National Academy of Science on a U.S. Electron Ion Collider Facility.  The committee will assess the scientific justification of a U.S. facility taking current international plans and existing domestic facility infrastructure into consideration. It will address the role that a facility could play in the future of nuclear physics, considering the field broadly, but placing emphasis on its potential scientific impact on quantum chromodynamics. Aprahamian will co-chair the committee with Prof. Gordon Baym of the University of Illinois. The study will begin immediately, the committee will meet in December, and will conclude in 2017.…

Notre Dame’s Association for Women in Science hosts inaugural graduate student conference

October 17, 2016

Women Of Science

On Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2016, the Association for Women in Science–Notre Dame (AWIS-ND) hosted its inaugural conference for female graduate students, which was the first of its kind in the Midwest region.

Energy Week 2016: An Overview

October 12, 2016 • Categories: Annual Report and ND Energy

It was an electrifying week, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Notre Dame Energy Week, seeing the intense thoughts circulating in the minds of the audience members and participants. Grabbing the attention of mostly students, events also drew faculty, staff, and local community members, all displaying great enthusiasm and interest in learning more about energy and ways they themselves can make a difference through conservation. From the talks to the tours to the Sustainability Festival, events were designed to engage participants and enlighten them on the topics at hand.…