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A look back on 2015

December 22, 2015

The Main Building at sunset

From construction cranes spanning across the campus to a record high in research funding, and from fighting a rare disease in Haiti to designing a sanctuary in Philadelphia for the Pope, 2015 was an eventful one for the University of Notre Dame. Here are some of the many notable moments of accomplishment, celebration and reflection.

Understanding the 'wicked problem' of climate change

December 21, 2015

Frank Incropera

Frank Incropera acknowledges that it’s somewhat unusual for an engineer to delve deeply into the topic of climate change. Scientists, not engineers, have played the most prominent roles in the climate change debate to date. However, Incropera believes solving the problem going forward will require a joint effort from the two specialties. Scientists have provided an understanding of the problem, and engineers can now evaluate the feasibility of proposed solutions to the problem.

Two engineering faculty named 2016 IEEE Fellows

December 10, 2015

Patrick Fay, left, and Xiaobo Sharon Hu

Patrick Fay and Xiaobo Sharon Hu, faculty in the College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, have been named fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The grade of fellow is the highest grade of membership conferred by the IEEE Board of Directors upon an individual member.

Back to the Photovoltaic Future with Perovskites

December 04, 2015 • Categories: ND Energy


According to Dr. Prashant Kamat, "It will not be too long before rooftop solar panels will become a preferred option for new construction of houses in the U.S. and elsewhere." In a recent editorial published in the The Journal of Chemistry Letters, Dr. Kamat writes a compelling statement, based on his research expertise in solar energy and numerous public reports, on how "the necessity to decrease the carbon footprint in the energy sector and market economically competitive PV panels will drive the growth of renewable energy in the future." To read the complete editorial by Dr. Kamat, click here

Applications now open for Library Acquisitions and Equipment Restoration & Renewal Grants

December 03, 2015


Notre Dame Research has opened its annual competition for the Library Acquisitions and Equipment Restoration & Renewal Grants.

University of Notre Dame teaching and research faculty, library faculty, research faculty, and special professional faculty from all Colleges and Schools are eligible to apply. Applications are due Monday, February 1st, 2016 by 5:00 p.m. EST.…

Architect proposes sustainable, short-term housing for European refugees

December 02, 2015

Refugee housing floor plan

Fleeing the wars of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia and other countries, refugees in staggering and unprecedented numbers are swarming into Europe, some 800,000 so far this year alone. This global and increasingly catastrophic movement is likely not only to continue but even to increase, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has warned “it is imperative that the situation be managed in such a way as to minimize the risks of new problems being created.”