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Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research expands facility

August 16, 2013

Aerospace Engineering professor Tom Corke speaks with undergraduates at the wind tunnel at the White Field facility

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The University of Notre Dame’s Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research has added new laboratory space to its White Field facility.

The White Field facility opened in 2008 and was primarily designed to house three facilities: a 1750-horsepower, Mach 0.6 wind tunnel, a 400-horsepower transonic compressor facility and an 800-horsepower transonic turbine facility. A component of the University’s Center for Flow Physics and Control (FlowPac), the White Field Laboratory was designed to enhance the Notre Dame’s long history of aerospace research through the use of wind tunnels and other simulation equipment. It enables researchers to run experiments at high speeds, much closer to real flight conditions, including experiments preparing for the coming generations of ultra-efficient airplanes, including pilotless vehicles.

cSEND Leadership Update

August 15, 2013 • Categories: Annual Report, ND Energy, and SEI

Joan Brennecke, cSEND Director and Keating-Crawford Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, recently announced a change in leadership within the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (cSEND).


Effective August 26, 2013, Kenneth Henderson, Department Chair and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will step down as Associate Director. Ken has served in this capacity since the inception of the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) in 2010. During his tenure, Ken has contributed greatly to the success of the SEI and cSEND. The following list describes a few of the major accomplishments:…

New Nano Catalyst for Water Treatment Featured in the Cover of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering’s Special Issue on Sustainable Nanotechnology

August 01, 2013 • Categories: Annual Report and SEI



In the recent issue of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering published in July 1, 2013, a research article written by Professor Chongzheng Na and two postdoctoral fellows, Drs. Haitao Wang and Zhuxin Dong, is featured in the cover (cover image