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Wireless Institute announces winners in Mobile Application Development Contest

June 24, 2011 • Categories: ND Energy and SEI

The University of Notre Dame’s Wireless Institute has announced the winners of its first Mobile Application Development Contest.

Mobile solutions for challenges in energy, environment and sustainability was the theme of the contest, which was organized by the Institute in collaboration with Notre Dame’s Energy Center

First Wind Turbine Installed on Campus

June 13, 2011 • Categories: ND Energy

First wind turbine installed on campus

The newest addition to the Notre Dame campus skyline, demonstrating the University’s commitment to renewable energy, was mounted on the roof of the Notre Dame power plant last week.

The turbine, one of several renewable energy initiatives currently underway at Notre Dame, can generate up to four kilowatts of power and will feed directly into the campus electrical grid. Although its purpose is largely educational, its size, vertical axis design and highly visible location distinguish it from other campus renewable energy projects.…