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ND creates two new environmental minors for fall 2011 semester

March 29, 2011 • Categories: ND Energy

In response to students' growing concern over environmental issues, the University announced the creation of two new minors, Energy Studies and Sustainability, each of which will be offered to all undergraduate students beginning in the fall of 2011.

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Japanese nuclear crisis highlights importance of Notre Dame energy research

March 29, 2011 • Categories: ND Energy

Japan Nuclear Crisis

The continuing nuclear energy crisis at Japan’s earthquake and tsunami damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site has once again raised questions in the United States about how to manage and safely store highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel. The questions have long been the focus of researchers Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt and Peter Burns of the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences.

Save money by improving energy efficiency in your home

March 04, 2011 • Categories: ND Energy

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Despite more energy efficient appliances, energy consumption in the United States has increased 21-percent since 1978.

In the last ten years, the digital age is putting even more of a strain on our energy system. However, the cost to power