Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Sustainable Energy Initiative


The Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) was initiated in 2010 to establish Notre Dame’s preeminence in three strategic areas:

  1. Safer Nuclear
  2. Cleaner Fossil
  3. Transformative Solar

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are using state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and equipment to develop actinide materials stabilization for better use of nuclear fuels and safer storage of waste materials; to design cleaner fossil fuel processes for gas separations, like CO2 capture; and to convert solar to chemical energy to create liquid fuels from the sun. All for the ultimate purpose of developing materials to help make clean energy more affordable and more readily available.

The SEI is a Strategic Research Investment (SRI) of the University totaling $10M over a three-year period. As Notre Dame enters a new chapter in its history, there is a renewed focus on expanding its research enterprise. The SRIs are the first steps in a bold commitment of internal funds and other resources, supplementing funding from external grants and gifts, all intended to advance excellence in research. For more information about the University's SRIs, visit