Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame



Seth Brown

Office:  269 Stepan Chemistry Hall

Phone:  574-631-4659


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Current Positions
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Washington
B.S., Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Humanities and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests
Our research is in the area of homogeneous catalysis, with particular emphasis on the development and elucidation of novel reaction mechanisms. In particular, we are interested in mechanisms that efficiently break or form strong C-H, O-H, or O-O bonds. Applications that involve electrochemistry or photochemistry in such reactions, as would be required in solar fuel production, are a particular target of reaction development.

Key Words
Catalysis, Solar Fuels, Reaction Mechanism

Relevant Energy Publications

  1. “Metal and Ligand Effects on Bonding in Group 6 Complexes of Redox-Active Amidodiphenoxides”, by: Ranis, Leila G.; Werellapatha, Kalpani; Pietrini, Nicholas J.; et al., Inorganic Chemistry, Volume: 53, Issue: 19, Pages: 10203-10216, Published: Oct. 6 2014.
  2. “Mechanism and Selectivity of Methyl and Phenyl Migrations in Hypervalent Silylated lminoquinones”, by: Shekar, Sukesh; Brown, Seth N., Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume: 79, Issue: 24, Pages: 12047-12055, published:  Dec. 19, 2014.
  3. “Octahedral to trigonal prismatic distortion driven by subjacent orbital pi antibonding interactions and modulated by ligand redox noninnocence”, by: Cipressi, Jacqueline; Brown, Seth N., Chemical Communications, Volume: 50, Issue: 59, Pages: 7956-7959, Published: 2014.
  4. “Mixed amidophenolate-catecholates of molybdenum(VI)”, by: Shekar, Sukesh; Brown, Seth N., Dalton Transactions, Volume: 43, Issue: 9, Pages: 3601-3611,  Published: 2014.