Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame



Robert Nerenberg

Office:  163 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Phone:  574-631-4098


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Current Position
Associate Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
M.S., Civil Engineering, Wayne State University
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Buenos Aires

Research Interests
Research is on biological processes for energy efficient wastewater treatment. Some types of treatment can actually recover energy from wastewater. Also, develop means to minimize energy demands resulting from fouling on membrane filtration systems.

Key Words
Wastewater, Biofilms, Membrane Filtration

Relevant Energy Publications

  1. K. J. Martin, N. Derlon, E. Morgenroth, Diogo Bolster, R. Nerenberg (2014). Effect of fouling-layer roughness on hydraulic resistance in membrane filtration. Journal of Membrane Science. Volume 471, 130–137. DOI: 10.1016/j.memsci.2014.07.045.
  2. M. Aybar, G. Pizarro, J. Boltz, L. Downing, R. Nerenberg (2014). Energy-efficient wastewater treatment via the air-based, hybrid membrane biofilm reactor (hybrid MfBR). Water Science and Technology 69(8): 1735-1741.
  3. C Shea, P Clauwaert, S Green, W Verstraete, and R Nerenberg (2010). Bioelectrochemical Perchlorate Reduction in a Microbial Fuel Cell. Environmental Science & Technology.
  4. C. Shea and R. Nerenberg (2010). Performance and Microbial Ecology of Air-Cathode Microbial Fuel Cells with Layered Electrode Assemblies. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 86:5: 1399-1408.
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