Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame


Prashant Kamat2


Nanoparticles and advanced materials

  • Synthesis, characterization, and surface functionalization
  • Optical properties, photoelectrochemistry and sensor applications
  • Carbon nanostructures and metal nanoparticles for the development of next generation solar cells and semiconductor metal composites for photocatalytic hydrogen production
  • Light Energy Conversion. Design of inorganic-organic nanoassemblies for light energy conversion

Chemical Processes in Heterogeneous Media

  • Surface photochemical processes, molecular clusters, ultrafast photophysical and photochemical events in oxides and polymers, mechanism and kinetics of photoeffects at semiconductor/electrolyte interface

Environmental Science

  • Advanced oxidation processes for treating organic wastes from water - use of metal oxide semiconductors such as TiO2, SnO2, and ZnO to sense and degrade haloaromatics and azo dyes. Simultaneous sensing and destruction of low level toxic organics. 

Current Energy Research

Solar hydrogen production
Mapping the electron transfer processes
Improving photoconversion efficiencies




Potential SEI Research

Catalyst Design

  • Synthesis of new photocatalysts materials, architectures and composites
  • Carbon nanostructures (CNT and graphene as catalysts supports)
  • Utilization of catalysts in photoreactors and product analysis


Understanding Interfaces

  • Surface science studies (XPS, EXAFS)
  • Theoretical modeling and computational studies

Homogeneous catalysis (collaborative efforts in synthesis)
We can undertake:

  • Electrochemical characterization/reduction
  • Anchor on oxides
  • Excited state interactions
  • Product analysis

Target photoinduced H2 production, CO2 reduction, reforming hydrocarbons