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Michael Lemmon

Office:  264 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Phone:  574-631-8309


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Current Position
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
B.S., Mathematics, Stanford University

Research Interests
Dr. Lemmon's research seeks to better understand the benefits and limitations of large-scale, networked control systems from both a theoretical and practical perspective. His theoretical work attempts to understand the fundamental principles that limited communication and computational resources have on a networked system's performance. Dr. Lemmon's work also has applied these ideas to real-life sensor-actuator networks used in managing important components of the nation's civil infrastructure, such as municipal wastewater sewer systems and the national power grid.

Relevant Energy Publications

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  2. Z. Wang, M. Xia, and M.D. Lemmon (2013), "Voltage Stability of Weak Power Distribution Networks with Inverter Connected Sources", American Control Conference, Washington D.C., 2013.
  3. X. Wang and M.D. Lemmon (2012), "On Event Design in Event-Triggered Feedback Systems", Automatica, volume 47 number 10, pages 2319-2322, October 2012.
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