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Mark McCready

Office:  240G McCourtney Hall

Phone:  574-631-7146


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Current Positions
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering
Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois
M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois
B.Ch.E, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware

Research Interests
Dr. McCready’s research focuses on multiphase fluid flows in confined geometries, CO2 absorption and reaction in multiphase systems, micro fuel cell technologies, and fundamentals of phase change processes.

Relevant Energy Publications

  1. B. E. Gurkan, TR Gohndrone, M. J. McCready and J. F. Brennecke, Reaction kinetics of CO2 absorption in to phosphonium based anion-functionalized ionic liquids, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 7796-7811, 2013.
  2. B. Wilhite, X. Huang, M. J. McCready and A. Varma, Effects of Induced Pulsing Flow on Packed Bed Reactor Performance, IEC Research 42, 2139-2145, 2003.
  3. B. Wilhite, X. Huang, M. J. McCready and A. Varma, Phenylacetylene Hydrogenation in a three-phase catalytic packed – bed reactor: Experiments and Model, CES, 58, 3465-3471, 2003.
  4. B.A. Wilhite, B. Blackwell, J. Kacmar, A. Varma and M. J. McCready, Origins of Pulsing Regime in Cocurrent Packed-Bed Flows, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 44 6056-6066, 2005.
  5. B. Wilhite, X. Huang, M. J. McCready and A. Varma Kinetics of Phenylacetylene Hydrogenation over Pt/ç-Al2O3 Catalyst, IEC Research 41,  3345-3350, 2002.