Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame



Kyle Doudrick

Office:  166 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Phone:  574-631-0305


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Current Position
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, Arizona State University
M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Memphis
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Memphis

Research Interests
My research involves renewable energy and the environment. More specifically, we focus on the development of sustainable water treatment technologies. This involves engineering solar-activated catalyst materials (i.e., photocatalysts) and systems for treating polluted drinking water sources. Additionally, we are interested in using photocatalysts to convert wastewaters (e.g., municipal, industrial) to clean energy sources such as hydrogen.

Key Words
Solar, Photoelectrochemical, Catalyst, Water Treatment, Pollution, Environment, Wastewater, Hydrogen

Relevant Energy Publications

  1. Doudrick, K.; Monzon, O.; Mangonon, A.; Hristovski, K.; and Westeroff, P. Nitrate Reduction in Water Using Commercial Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts (P25, P90, and Hombikat UV100). Journal of Environmental Engineering, 138, 852-861 (2012).
  2. Yang, T.; Doudrick, K.; and Westeroff, P. Photocatalytic reduction of nitrate using titanium dioxide for regeneration of ion exchange brine. Water Research, 47,1299-1307 (2013).
  3. Doudrick, K.; Yang, T.; Hristovski, K.; and Westeroff, P.  Photocatalytic nitrate reduction: Managing the hole scavenger and by-product selectivity. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 136-137, 40-47 (2013).
  4. Doudrick, K.; Liu, S.; Mutunga, E.M.; Klein, K.L.; Damle, V.; Varanasi, K.K.; and Rykaczewski, K. Different Shades of Oxide: from Nanoscale Wetting to Imprinting of Gallium-based Liquid Metal. Langmuir, 30, 6867-6877 (2014).