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Jennifer Schaefer


Jennifer Schaefer

Office:  205G McCourtney Hall

Phone:  574-631-5114


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Current Position
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
M. Eng., B.Ch.E., Chemical Engineering, Widener University
B.S., Chemistry, Widener University

Research Interests
The Schaefer research group studies ion transport and interfacial reactions with relevance to energy storage devices. Our primary focus is liquid and polymer electrolytes to advance high energy density rechargeable batteries.

Key Words
Energy Storage, Battery, Electrolyte, Ionics, Polymer

Relevant Energy Publications

  • S. Takeuchi, W. R. McGehee, J. L. Schaefer, T. M. Wilson, K. A. Twedt, E. H. Chang, C. L. Soles, V. P. Oleshko, and J. J. McClelland. “Editors’ Choice Communication - Comparison of Nanoscale Focused Ion Beam and Electrochemical Lithiation in β-Sn Microspheres,” Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163(6), A1010-A1012, 2016. Electronic Access:
  • V. P. Oleshko, J. Kim, J. L. Schaefer, S. D. Hudson, C. L. Soles, A. G. Simmonds, J. G. Griebel, R. S. Glass, K. Char, and J. Pyun. “Structural origins of enhanced capacity retention in novel copolymerized sulfur-based composite cathodes for high-energy density Li–S batteries,” MRS Communications, 5(3), 353-364, 2015. Electronic Access:
  • R. Khurana, J. L. Schaefer, L. A. Archer, G. W. Coates, “Suppression of Lithium Dendrite Growth Using Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Poly(ethylene oxide) Electrolytes: A New Approach for Practical Lithium-Metal Polymer Batteries,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(20), 7395-7402, 2014. Electronic Access:
  • S. Srivastava, J. L. Schaefer, Z. Yang, Z. Tu, and L. A. Archer, “Polymer-Particle Composites: Phase Stability and Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage,” Advanced Materials, 26(2), 201-234, 2014. Electronic Access:
  • J. L. Schaefer, D. A. Yanga, and L. A. Archer, “High lithium transference number electrolytes via creation of 3-dimensional, charged, nanoporous networks from dense functionalized nanoparticle composites,” Chemistry of Materials, 25, 834-839, 2013. Electronic Access: