Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame


Jay LaVerne2


physics -> chemistry -> materials / engineering / environment



  • Examine energy loss, charge and other properties of ionizing radiation
  • Elucidate fundamental radiolytic decomposition of molecules and the kinetics of the transients

Safe nuclear -> actinide materials stabilization -> safer storage of materials

Current Energy Research


Safer storage of materials

  • What effects occur in the bulk water?
  • What happens at the interface?
  • How do processes in the solid affect the interface or water?

Actinide Materials Stabilization

Self radiolysis will modify virtually all actinide systems

  • changes to chemical composition
  • modifications to physical state
  • decrease in stability
  • loss of functionality

Indirect damage by reactions with species produced by radiolysis of the environment
Direct damage by energy deposition in material





Potential SEI Research

  • Experimental examination of irradiated surfaces theoretical characterization of surface species
  • May be possible to irradiate actinide materials to accelerate radiation ageing processes using specific types of radiation