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Jay LaVerne

Office:  314 Radiation Research Building

Phone:  574-631-5563


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Current Positions
Professional Specialist, Department of Physics and Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory
Concurrent Professor, Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Nebraska
B.S., Chemistry, Lamar University

Research Interests
My main research concerns the examination of the energy loss, charge and other properties of ionizing radiation and to elucidate the fundamental radiolytic decomposition of molecules and the subsequent kinetics of the reactive transients. Applications of this research are mainly focused on the nuclear power industry, such as reactor water chemistry, separations, and waste storage, but environmental and biological radiation effects are also considered. This work involves the development and use of a wide variety of experimental radiolysis techniques including beta radiolysis, gamma radiolysis, fast electron pulse radiolysis, and heavy ion radiolysis (protons to uranium), as well as the application and development of many analytical techniques in radiation chemistry. Experiments are complemented by theoretical physical track structure calculations and diffusion-kinetic chemical model calculations.

Relevant Energy Publications

  1. S. B. Dhiman, G. S. Goff, W. Runde and J. A. LaVerne (2014) "Gamma and Heavy Ion Radiolysis of Ionic Liquids: A Comparative Study", Journal of Nuclear Materials 453, 182-187.
  2. C. M. Lousada, J. A. La Verne and M. Jonsson (2013) "Enhanced Hydrogen Formation During the Catalytic Decomposition of H2O2 on Metal Oxide Surfaces in the Presence of HO Radical Scavengers ", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15, 12674-12679.
  3. A. K. El Omar, U. Schmidhammer, A. Balcerzyk, J. A. La Verne and M. Mostafavi (2013) "Spur Reactions Observed by Picosecond Pulse Radiolysis in Highly concentrated Bromide Aqueous Solutions", Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117, 2287-2293.
  4. O. Roth, B. Dahlgren and J. A. La Verne (2012) "Radiolysis of Water on ZrO2 Nanoparticles", Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 17619-17624.
  5. J. A. La Verne and A. Baidak (2012) "Track Effects in the Radiolysis of Aromatic Liquids", Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81, 1287-1290.