Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame


Eduardo Wolf2


  • High throughput synthesis and preparation
  • Parallel activity evaluation and parallel operando spectroscopy
  • Kinetics simulation








Current Energy Research

  • Catalysis
  • Novel Impregnated Layer Combustion Synthesis (ILCS) with Alex Mukasyan (NSF CBET 0730190)
  • Cu, ZnO, ZrO2-Pd catalyst for H2 production from the oxidative reforming of methanol/ethanol. (US Patent 7.659.227, 2010)
  • Hypothesis: Catalytic activity can be modified by applying external voltage to metal - support junction
  • Pt nanowires prepared by e-beam lithography ANL
  • A new IR enhance reflectance technique developed to study adsorption on small surface areas (1 mm2)
  • DFT computational studies (W. Schneider) of the effect of an external electrical field on adsorption
  • Verified chemicurrent during CO oxidation



Potential SEI Research

Transformative Solar

  • Application of the nanodiode to reduce band gap in solar cells
  • Photocatalytic production of hydrogen from water

Clean Fossil Fuels: ILCS of high area
Fe-Co oxides for FT synthesis