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Colin Jessop

Office:  412 Nieuwland Science Hall

Phone:  574-631-5657


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Current Position
Professor, Experimental Particle Physics, Department of Physics

Ph.D., Physics, Harvard University
B.A., Physics, University of Cambridge

Research Interests
Particle physics attempts to understand the fundamental forces of nature, their interactions and their role in the evolution of the universe. The culmination of many decades of work by the particle physics community is the Standard Model of particle physics. The application of this theory to the high energy density conditions of the early universe leads to an understanding of the evolution of the universe. However, there are inconsistencies and puzzles in both the Standard Model and in reconciling observations of the current universe with our understanding of its evolution. These include the mechanism for generating mass, the inclusion of gravity into a consistent quantum theory, the preponderance of matter over anti-matter, and the fact that we can account for only a small fraction of the mass and energy of the Universe. The solutions to these puzzles require the introduction of new particles. Dr. Jessop’s research focuses on the experimental searches for evidence of these new particles using high energy particle collisions that recreate the conditions of the early universe.

Relevant Energy Publications

  1. "Performance and Operation of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter," The CMS Collaboration.  JINST 5, T03010 (2010) 39pp.
  2. “Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Photon Energy Moments of B → Xs γ  and ACP(B → Xs+d γ)”  BaBar Collaboration, B. Aubert et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 171803 (2006) 8 pp hep-ex/0607071, 0207076, 0507001.