Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame




Aimee Buccellato

Office:  314 Bond Hall

Phone:  574-631-1431


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Current Position
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

M.Des., History, Theory, and Criticism, Graduate School of Design,  Harvard University
B.Arch., University of Notre Dame

Research Interests
Professor Buccellato is engaged in practice and practice-based research focused on advancing the design and execution of a more sustainable built environment.

Key Words
Building and Energy Consumption, Sustainable Architecture

Relevant Energy Publication

  1. “Environmentally opportunistic computing: A distributed waste heat reutilization approach to energy-efficient buildings and data centers”, by: Woodruff, J. Zachary; Brenner, Paul; Buccellato, Aimee P. C.; et al. ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, Volume: 69,  Pages: 41-50,  Published: FEB 2014.