Energy Labs

ND Energy offers the use of laboratory space to Notre Dame researchers in a visible location within 116-120 Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering to promote research collaborations and to build a strong community of scholars. This space is available to researchers engaged in active, energy-related research projects at no cost to the investigators. The laboratory space is a total of 2,000 square feet and is equipped with 10-ft. bench tops, shelving, cabinet space, and hookups for air, nitrogen gas, and vacuum. 

Leasing Requests

Space allocations are for a period of six (6) months with extended allocations possible. To request ND Energy lab space, the PI should complete the "Leasing Request for ND Energy Lab Space" form to include a brief description of the research project, a list of students and postdocs working in the lab, and specific details regarding space needs, including minor modifications required to perform the work. Once the request is approved, students and postdocs working in the labs must provide written proof of completion of the required safety training and submit a signed ND Energy Lab Policies and User Agreement.

ND Energy also requests that any publications associated with work completed in the labs should acknowledge the use of ND Energy laboratory space.

Download the ND Energy Lab Space Agreement and Leasing Request 
Download the ND Energy Lab Policies and User Agreement 
Instructions for Safety Training Certificates 
View Laboratory Safety Rules