Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Seed Grants/Fellowships for SEI Related Research

Because the energy challenge is complex and begs for new, interdisciplinary approaches, a key activity of ND Energy is to provide seed grants to support new, collaborative research endeavors to spur new approaches to solving these energy challenges. ND Energy has provided more than $1M in support of new energy-related research, primarily in the three thrust areas of the SEI – cleaner fossil, safer nuclear, and transformative solar. Each seed grant leverages a one-year, internal investment to develop multiple years of external funding for graduate and undergraduate research. Seed grants have resulted in increased publications, proposal submissions, and grant awards, all of which help to grow the energy research enterprise at Notre Dame. In the future, ND Energy will expand this model to include other research areas. The call for proposals is announced twice annually (May/November) to ND Energy faculty.

This funding opportunity is made possible through the SEI.