Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Links to Energy Education Sites

Digital Library for Earth System Education
Curated and searchable database of earth science related lessons, activities, and resources.

National Energy Education Development Project
Thorough energy curriculum and resources for primary through secondary levels.

U.S. Energy Information Administration
Energy information and activities for primary and middle grades.

Site by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, includes resources for petroleum and natural gas.

National Environmental Education Foundation
Information for formal and nonformal educators.

National Environmental Education Week
Information for formal and nonformal educators to plan for the week preceding Earth Day.

Energy Quest
A webquest style site that has lots of good background information about energy, from the state of California.

U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Energy education and workforce development, links to classroom resources, job postings, and internship opportunities.

E-smart Kids
Another webquest style site.

Carbon Footprint Calculator
This calculator is designed just for kids and allows you to track results from your school and compare them to others.

Teach Engineering
Curated and searchable database of K-12 content for science and math.

The Knowledge Network, links to short science videos on a variety of topics.

Solar Energy at Notre Dame
Learn about solar energy at Notre Dame and gather data for solar energy projects.

Clean Line Energy Partners
Learn all about renewable energy, electricity, and transmission.

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainability & Recycling for Kids
Introducing and educating children on the importance of sustainability and recycling.