Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Future Outreach Initiatives

ND Energy’s interaction with South Bend area schools and programs is well established, but as the center’s vision seeks to expand, so does our outreach footprint. At the present time, several initiatives with the Notre Dame Alumni Association will enable us to inform a broader audience about our energy research.

This year’s Shamrock Series football game in San Antonio, Texas, included “A Moment of Science,” co-sponsored by the Colleges of Engineering and Science. ND Energy was invited to participate and provided a display that demonstrated solar and fuel cells’ ability to generate electricity. Approximately 1000 area students plus their chaperones perused the venue and viewed the demonstration presented by graduate students Yolanda Bonita, from the Hicks lab, and Anshumaan Bajpai, from the Schneider lab. The display was an example of an attempt to translate the complexities of energy into fun and understandable bits of knowledge for the next generation.

ND Energy has also been invited to join the Alumni Association at future events, including Winter Sports Weekend, Reunion, and Football Fridays, with displays, interactive demonstrations, and information on energy research at the University. The plan is to work with the Office of Sustainability and student groups to create a new educational and entertaining component for alumni and friends when they visit campus.