Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

2008 Conferences

July 7, 2008






On Monday, July 7, 2008, the Notre Dame Energy Center and the University of Notre Dame brought together some of the most creative engineers and scientists and governmental leaders for this free, one-day conference focusing on the future of energy research, its effect on society, and the potential it bears for transformative economic change.

Known as “The Crossroads of America,” Indiana is already a leader in clean coal technologies and biofuels and is poised to take strategic advantage of wind resources and highly dispersed third generation solar technologies. For these reasons, Indiana is fit to be at the center of discussions exploring how strategic investments in basic and applied energy research — whether in advanced storage concepts, non-traditional and renewable power generation research, or highly inventive methods to manage the state’s carbon footprint — can transform the lives of consumers of energy. More important, the new businesses, work alliances, and strategic partnerships that will be required to realize and deliver these technologies hold the additional potential for fundamental and radical economic transformation across Indiana, the Great Lakes region and, indeed, the nation.

The conference explored (1) how strategic investments in basic and applied energy research can connect to near-term bridging technologies and transformation of our energy industry in the longer term; (2) how the citizens in Indiana and across the country can position themselves to take best advantage of these new technologies as consumers; and (3) how these new technologies must connect to the creation of new businesses and enhanced economic opportunities.

For highlights of the conference and the executive summary, see Highlights and Executive Summary. To view participant information, see Directory of Participants. For copies of presentations, see Schedule. For local news coverage, see The South Bend Tribune, , and
the Statement for the Record by The Honorable Pete Visclosky, U.S. Congressman, First Congressional District, State of Indiana