Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

2013 Student Advisory Board

The cSEND Student Advisory Board for 2013 is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from various majors across campus. Current membership consists of 27 students, 20 undergraduate and 7 graduate students. These students are actively involved in planning and executing campus-wide education and outreach programs throughout the year, including the annual Notre Dame Energy Week.

2013 Student Advisory Board picture directory

Last Name First Name Email Address Status Major/Minor
Christian Kate Sophomore Major: Business (IT Management); Minors: Sustainability, Theology
Chukwulebe Cathy Sophomore Mechanical Engineering
Cross Allison Graduate Student Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Diamond Peter Junior Mechanical Engineering
DeStefano Victoria Senior Major: Environmental Geoscience; Minor: Energy
Dolan Brendan Junior Major: Business (Finance); Minor: Energy Studies
Dustin Megan Junior Environmental Geosciences
Gervais Sean Sophomore Civil Engineering - Environmental Concentration
Gonzales Katrina Freshman Engineering
Gutierrez Andres Freshman Civil Engineering/Architecture
Hollister Marie Graduate Student 1L (Law School)
Kalejs Nick Junior Environmental Science
Kastenholz Kevin Graduate Student MBA, Corporate Finance concentration
Kurcz Rachel Junior Major: Science-Business; Minor Energy Studies
Madukoma Obimachi Graduate Student Global Health
Marlin Andrew Sophomore Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: Sustainability
Marquez Enrique Freshman Major: Chemical Engineering; Minor: Business Economics
Marshalla Megan Sophomore SCPP, Spanish
Paluta Mark Junior Major: Aerospace Engineering; Minor: Sustainability or Energy Studies
Pellegrini Kristi Lynn Graduate Student Actinide Geochemistry and Mineralogy (Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Revord Patrick
Senior Science Business; Sustainability
Rosas Laura Sophomore Management Consulting, PreMed, and an International Business Certificate
Stanton Jacob Junior Finance and Economics
Stephenson Adreanne Graduate Student Law
Theis Emily Freshman Business undecided
Thomas Rebecca Junior Environmental science major; philosophy minor
Vande Kolk Bryant Graduate Student Physics

2013 cSEND Student Associates

Student Associates will help the Student Advisory Board members plan and executive education and outreach programs both on and off campus.

Last Name First Name Email Address Status Major/Minor
Blad Garrett Sophomore Major: Environmental Science, Second Major: Studio Art, Minor: Sustainability
Che Columbine Senior Major: Biology; Minor: Chinese
Davila Ryan Sophomore Majors: Biology, Political Science; Minor: Sustainability
Gergets Samuel Junior Mechanical Engineering
Hausser Kayleigh Sophomore Major: Anthropology; Minor: Sustainability
Keller John Sophomore Mechanical Engineering
Koroshetz Theodore John Graduate Student Energy Law
Kupfer Cameron Sophomore Major: Mechanical Engineering; Minor: Energy Engineering
Kwon John Junior Biological Sciences
Lumetta Katherine Freshman Undecided: Engineering or Biology
Manley Sophie Freshman Civil Engineering
Matasci Matthew Freshman Engineering
McCarthy Shane Graduate Student Energy Engineering
Parkinson Kristen Sophomore Mechanical Engineering
Spatz Anna Freshman Civil Engineering
Thompson Marisa Freshman Engineering
Vidovich Johnathan Junior Majors: Biology, Economics; Minor: Science, Technology and Society