Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

2012 Student Advisory Board

2012 Student Advisory Board

The cSEND Student Advisory Board for 2012 is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from various majors across campus. Current membership consists of 26 students, 21 undergraduate and 5 graduate students. These students are actively involved in planning and executing campus-wide education and outreach programs throughout the year, including the annual Notre Dame Energy Week.

2012 Student Advisory Board picture directory

Last Name First Name Email Address Status Major/Minor
Bariletto Rick Graduate Student MBA
Baxter Lindsay Graduate Student Chemistry, Organic Synthesis
Brach Daniel Sophomore Business~Management Consulting
Christian Kate Freshman Major: Undecided Business; Minor:  Sustainability
Chukwulebe Cathy Sophomore Mechanical Engineering 
Connelly Patrick Freshman Chemical Engineering, minoring in Energy Studies
Cooper Ben Sophomore Undeclared Business and American Studies
Davis Elizabeth Senior Program of Liberal Studies
DeLalio Jessica Senior Science-Business
Diamond Peter Sophomore Mechanical Engineering
DiStefano Victoria Junior Environmental Geosciences
Dolan Brendan Sophomore Business (Finance) with a minor in Energy Studies
Dustin Megan Sophomore Environmental Geosciences
Eckert Lauren Sophomore Environmental Science, Minor in Portuguese
Esteban Whitley Senior Architecture
Evans Tyler Senior Envi. Scie
Fontelo John-Paul Graduate Student Marketing
Kalish Emily Sophomore Major: Business Minor: Sustainability
Kastenholz Kevin Graduate Student MBA Class of 2013 (Undergraduate: BSME, ND '08)
Kunycky Brianna Junior Environmental Science (Minor: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics/Energy Studies)
Miram Alex Freshman Major: Finance Minor: Energy Studies
Ortiz Estefan Graduate Student Computer Science and Engineering
Pellino Justin Sophomore Business Undecided, Double minor in Energy Studies, Sustainability
Saputra Sofyan Freshman Computer Science
Stanton Jacob Sophomore Finance and Economics
Thomas Rebecca Sophomore Environmental science major; philosophy minor

2012 cSEND Student Associates

Student Associates will help the Student Advisory Board members plan and executive education and outreach programs both on and off campus.

Last Name First Name Email Address Status Major/Minor
Blad Garrett Freshman Major: Environmental Science, Second Major: Studio Art, Minor: Sustainability
Davis Meghan Junior Sociology, Pre-Professional Studies
Di Zio Daniel Graduate Student Engineering, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship (ESTEEM)
Herrera Carlos Junior Major--Finance, Minor--Sustainability
Jegier Rebecca Freshman Intended Marketing and Spanish, intended minor(s) Philosophy and/or Latin American Studies
Kaneb Brian Sophomore Political Science as a major, and Sustainability as a minor
Kress Michael Junior Economics and Energy Studies Minor
Kurcz Rachel Sophomore Science-Business major, Energy Studies minor
Mak Ying Ying Freshman Business and Psychology
Rosas Laura Freshman Finance and PreMed
Sena Justin Sophomore Political Science / Theology double major; Latino Studies minor
Yu Na Graduate Student Mechanical Engineering
Zhao Tong Sophomore Finance; Applied and Computational Math (Supp major); German (Minor)