Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Internal / External Boards

Building a strong community of knowledgeable researchers and influential leaders who play a pivotal role in fulfilling ND Energy's mission is key to creating a highly visible and sustainable organization for all energy-related activities at Notre Dame.  

  • Alumni Advisory Board: The ND Energy Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is comprised of energy-interested members of the College of Engineering Advisory Council who provide advice and counsel on the strategic growth and financial direction of ND Energy.
  • Technical Advisory Board: The ND Energy Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is comprised of faculty members from major universities and national laboratories who provide advice and counsel on the research initiatives and scholarly advancements of ND Energy.
  • Sustainable Energy Network: The Sustainable Energy Network (SEN), sponsored by ND Energy, consists of departments and organizations across campus with common interests in sustainable energy issues and topics.
  • Student Energy Board: The ND Energy Student Energy Board (SEB) is a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Notre Dame who understand the importance of raising awareness and increasing the understanding of key energy issues and topics and use this knowledge to plan and execute energy related activities for the Notre Dame and surrounding communities.