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2015 - From Water Purification to Better Batteries, Notre Dame Engineers are Advancing Research for the Good of the World
Tackling global challenges in energy, environment, sustainability, and water.

2015 - Origami-inspired military shelter said to cut energy use by 70 percent
Origami-inspired shelters for multiple uses.
2013 - Joan Brennecke and Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Notre Dame Spark Conference.

2013 - Quantum Dot Solar Cells. The Next Big Thing in Photovoltaics
A step-by-step process for fabricating quantum dot solar cells for harnessing energy.
2012 - Nuclear Fuel and the Environment
How nuclear fuel interacts with the environment during and after an accident.
2011 - Joan Brennecke and the Creation of Ionic Liquids
The use of ionic liquids in the separation of gasses, including stripping carbon dioxide from power plant flue gasses.

2011 - The Creation of Phase Change Ionic Liquids
The use of ionic liquids to absorb carbon dioxide from flue gasses for use in industrial processes.
2010 - Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)
SEI - one of Notre Dame's Strategic Research Investments.
2009 - Fighting for Sustainable Energy
Fighting for fundamental advances in solar energy, biofuels, clean coal, and nuclear energy.

2009 - Academically Speaking: William Schneider
Academic excellence in research, teaching, and service at the University of Notre Dame.

2009 - A Delicious New Solar Cell Technology
A demonstration of a new solar cell technology based on powdered donuts and passion tea.
2008 Notre Dame Forum: Sustainable Energy (1-hr video)
The University of Notre Dame focuses on the issue of sustainable energy.

2008 - Sustainability in Action
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park project.
2007 - Fighting for the Environment
Fighting for finding other ways to generate energy.

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  • The Joule is a bi-annual newsletter, highlighting recent activities and events in energy-related research, education, and outreach at the University of Notre Dame.
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  • The following reports highlight major accomplishments and activities in energy-related research, education, and outreach at the University of Notre Dame.
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